K-Pop Korner Radio Show

The article from K-Pop Korner Facebook Page. Hands up who enjoyed @LacroixDespheres’ @HyperJapanEvent showcase? Well, we have the fantastic group on @AU_Radio from Thursday 11pm BST / Fri 8am AEST onwards! Expect plenty of songs from Lacroix Despheres‘s superb back catalogue, including some fan favourites performed at HYPER JAPAN, as well as the extensive interview that took place at the ‪#‎HyperJapanChristmasMarket‬late last year. Join host ‪#‎AdamRiley‬ on The AU Review‘s station, AU Radio, for four airing’s of this excellent show. Be sure to check the full list of days/times below to make sure you don’t miss out! Also, watch the band’s fan greeting video right here: https://www.facebook.com/kpopkorneruk/videos/460903547447967/ WHEN IS THE SHOW ON? FOUR TIMES THIS WEEK ON AU... Read More
April 2016

Lacroix Despheres is gonna be introduced in the following radios!

Check out the schedule from below! ! Lacroix Despheres is gonna be introduced in the following radios.   6/13(sat) Sword UK Radio >http://www.swordradio.co.uk 14:00~17:00(UK time zone) 22:00~25:00(Japan time zone) 6/15(mon) WRFN 1025 >http://www.wrfn1025.org/schedule 19:00~22:00(UK) 3:00~6:00(JP,6/16) 6/17(wed) GloTime Radio >http://myradiostream.com/mobile/glotimeradio 18:00~21:00(UK) 2:00~5:00(JP,6/18) 6/19(fri) ROCK RADIO UK >http://rock-radio.co.uk 4:00~7:00(UK) 12:00~15:00(JP) 6/20(sat) Run FM >http://www.runfm.net 7:00~10:00(UK) 15:00~18:00(JP) QMR Two >http://www.qmr.fm 23:00~26:00(UK) 7:00~9:00(JP,6/21) 6/20(sun) Run FM >http://www.runfm.net 7:00~10:00(UK) 15:00~18:00(JP)
June 2015
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Crowdfunding of Our New album with Orchestra has begun!

Orchestral collaboration! Brand new album from the Visual Kei rock band, Lacroix Despheres! Visual Kei rock opera band, Lacroix Despheres, and Video Game Orchestra are collaborating to make the world’s first crowdfunded recording by a Visual Kei band! This project aims to record the final act of Lacroix Despheres rock opera “Denier Paradis Act 3”. This album is a full orchestral collaboration with Video Game Orchestra who, beginning with Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightning Returns, has delivered countless soundtracks for video games. This collaboration will be between the Japan based Lacroix Despheres and the Boston based VGO in a simultaneous Japan/America crowdfunding event: outside of Japan via Indiegogo and within Japan... Read More
December 2014