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21 November 2014

New song is now available for download on iTunes!

Our new song “Torikago Shoujo no Kareinaru Dasshutsugeki” is now available for download across the world!

“Torikago Shoujo no Kareinaru Dasshutugeki”


“Splendid escape drama of the birdcage girl”

A spin-off work about rock opera Dernier Paradis of Lacroix Despheres!
The story of the times that the composer of the lost melody which is the key to story lives in.

Enjoy the story of the girl who is going to get out the house and the Butler chasing her.

Vocal: Sho
Soprano Vocal: Saya
Guitar: Pegeot
Flute: Mizuki
Oboe: Satomi
Support Bass: Naoki (ANCIENT MYTH)

Compose & Orchestrate: Sho
Lyric: Georges de Hamille
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Sho