Dernier Paradis act1

Dernier Paradis act1


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The Gothic Rock Opera that male and female vocals singing with the symphonic metal in the background. This is the CD which you must listen to by all means to know their rock opera.
Renowned musician had held a ball every year in the same season. When the ball broke up before the dawn, familiar voice resounds from somewhere.
The people gathered the house are caught in a mysterious incident that related “The Lost Melody” that would have been disposed of long ago.


1. Prologue
2. La verite fermee
3. Iris
4. Ouverture de la Soiree
5. Inishie no toki yori maiorishi monotachi(Album Version)
6. Fiore
7. …avec la viellie melodie
8. Prologue [Instrumental]
9. La verite fermee [Instrumental]
10. Iris [Instrumental]
11. Ouverture de la Soiree [Instrumental]
12. Inishie no toki yori maiorishi monotachi(Album Version) [Instrumental]
13. Fiore [Instrumental]

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