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Shinjuku, Tokyo

Hatsudai DOORS
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  • “Tenkei no Hitomi” LIVE PV

    “Tenkei no Hitomi” is re-arrangement and rerecording version of “Inishie no Toki Yori Mai Ori Shi Mono Tachi” collected in “Dernier Paradis act1”.

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31 July 2017

The online store came back!

The Lacroix Despheres’ online store finally came back! It is not for a limited time and always opens from now on. In commemoration of re-opening, we added a new product. It is the T-shirt using the illustration which Saya designed. [NEW] Saya-Endou with Fake Pocket by Saya T-Shirts An attractive product is going to be released in future every season. In addition, you can spend Bitcoin for payment in this online store. We aim to become a more convenient and enjoyable online store. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.
26 November 2016

New Interview has been published!

New Interview article about Sho from Lacroix Despheres has been published by “AJIA NO TENGOKU”. Check it out!   Lacroix Despheres: Interview with Sho (Pomme from Kamijo ‘s Household Troops) English Romanian
03 November 2016

Our new online shop is now open!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new online store!! You can now get all your favorite Lacroix Despheres’ products delivered direct to your door. In addition, we are intend to close this online store in 30th November 2016. It is because to test the operational status of the system and to check the number of inventory we should have. Since we do not know when we can open again, please enjoy shopping at this opportunity. We can’t wait for you to get in there check it out!!   *To the subscriber of our newsletter. The email that a coupon code is written on within several...
31 October 2016

New Online Store for Worldwide will be available soon!

We are preparing a new online store for our fans all over the world. The explanation of the product is written in English there, and the worldwide shipment is possible. And, you can use the credit card made in a country except Japan. At first we intend to open this online store only in a period for a month. It is because to test the operational status of the system and to check the number of inventory we should have. When you want to know the open period and latest information, please subscribe to our newsletter! We prepare the coupon which is usable in an online store only for subscribers!...

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